Pingo and Miércoles – The domino effect

The importance of rescuing, fostering and sharing

Pingo and Miércoles were rescued along with two other cats from a center for the elderly in Castellón. Pepi who is member of HC and acts also as a volunteer was the one who made this rescue.

Two of the rescued cats were immediately adopted by two good families.

However, Pingo and Miércoles suffered Ataxia (probably inherited from their mother) and were overly fearful, so they could not be given in adoption in that state and stayed at Rebeca’s house, their host family. Rebeca is also a volunteer of HC and acts as foster home for stray cats. The objective was on the one hand to help them overcome their fears (they did not approach people) and to improve their physical movements.

The symptoms of ataxia can be of various kinds and in the case of Pingo and Miércoles it manifested with uncontrolled movements of the eyes and little precision in their movements.

Thanks to the advice of Elisenda Mir and the dedication of Rebeca, who followed the instructions of Elisenda to the letter, both overcame their fears and their movements have improved considerably.

Therefore, at that moment, their photos are published in the Facebook of HC to finally find them a good family that would be willing to adopt them together. The followers of HC begin to share their photos on all platforms. So that we even received proposals for adoption from Germany and Austria!

Finally, thanks to the fact that Higinio Mateu, a well-known fashion designer in Castellón, shared this case on his FB page, José Manuel from Burjassot, Valencia, contacted HC. Every person who wants to adopt needs to pass a rigorous scrutiny to ensure that it is the best family for our animals. José Manuel passed the test with flying colors! He told HC that when he saw them, he knew immediately that they had to come and live with him. He has adopted them together.

Thank you Pepi, thank you Rebeca, thank you Elisenda, thank you Higinio, and above all: thanks José Manuel for having seen in Pingo and Wednesday something beyond their health issue.

We also want to thank to all the volunteers for their time, to all the foster families for their dedication, to all our disinterested followers for sharing our posts, thanks to all of you HC manages to give an opportunity to the most defenseless creatures. THANKS FOR BEING THERE.

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